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Saturday, September 10, 2016

About Me

I am 41 Years Old
A mother of five.
I have been designing since 2009 but it was off and on.
I was formerly known as Sametra Designs and That Chick Mimi.

I now go by the designer name QueenSolo Designz.
I have been Psp Tagging since 1998.
I formerly was known in Yahoo Groups by Hot Chocolate or CutiePie or ScrapinB.
I enjoy psp tagging despite the negative outburst's lately every since psp tagging converted to facebook back int 2008. I remember the days when psp was free and fun. Now it has changed I am adapting to the changes.

I look forward to making new friends. My main focus is in ethnic tubes now however I love all tubes but I see a lack of ethnic tubes. So I focus on that area. So please do not take it the wrong. I come from an era of psp tagging where we provided something for all walks of ethnic cultures.

Thanks for reading about me. God Bless You All.

Sametra Knight Formerly was known Sametra Scott